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LUO challenges staff to solve problems affecting livestock sector


Machona Kasambala


Fisheries and Livestock Minister NKANDU LUO has challenged professionals in her ministry to utilise their qualifications to solve problems affecting the fisheries and livestock sector.

Professor Luo says it is a shame that problems affecting fisheries and livestock development remain unresolved when her ministry has adequately qualified staff such as doctors at all its district and provincial offices.

‘Every district I go and I hear am Dr. so and so and yet there so many issues that beset the livestock sector that require their expertise’ Luo Said.

Professor Luo took a swipe at her staff and wondered if the academic and professional qualification were deservedly awarded to them because any doctorate or master in philosophy entails providing a solution to a problem.

‘You must show your doctorate by solving problems and developing a legacy for the ministry of fisheries and livestock and the nation’ she challenged.

Professor LUO called on staff to be innovative and add value to the fisheries and livestock sector by providing solutions such as livestock production, disease control and marketing.

She reiterated that the role of her ministry is critical in changing the landscape of the country in terms of wealth and health creation through the fisheries and livestock and urged staff at all levels to apply themselves fully in service delivery.

Speaking when she toured Mwase Livestock breeding centre in Lundazi, Professor Luo said there is need to put in place an implementation and results framework of all its activities.

‘We need to look at deliverables, how can you call this a breeding centre when we are not breeding the required numbers of improved livestock breeds that the farmers want’ Luo asked?

Farm Manager for the centre CHRISTIN MOFYA explained that the centre has only managed to sell 21 cattle to the farmers from the breeding programme.

Mr. Mofya said they had received 42 pure Agoni breeding stock, 40 heifers and 2 bulls, that produced 105 cattle.

‘We normally sell the bulls at K5,000 and the heifers at K3,000. We have remained with 85 cattle and are limited with space to produce more’, Moyfya said.

Professor Luo however challenged the officers to be innovative managers and do more because on the same limited piece of land, others countries are able breed more livestock than the carrying capacity.


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