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Keeping Goats



Josiah Mpofu

A senior veterinary officer in the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock in Itezhi-tezhi district has urged farmers in the area to venture into goat rearing as it is a lucrative business.

 Ithezi tezhi Disease Control Technician ALBERT MWIINGA said with an already existing market in Saudi Arabia and democratic republic of Congo, farmers do not have to worry about access to markets.

Mr. Mwiinga said farmers are skeptical to keep goats due to lack of access to market and the low prices at which they sale their goats.

He revealed that small-scale livestock farmers are usually dubbed by brief case buyers who buys one goat at 150 and later sale in the democratic Republic of Congo at K600 or K700 per goat.

“Small scale Livestock farmers’ needs to be encouraged to keep goats by offering them good market prices in order to double their production,” said Mr. Mwiinga.

Speaking during a hand over ceremony of over 500 goats to small-scale farmers of Itezhi tezhi district of Central Province by Solidaridad, Mr. Mwiinga emphasized on the need for farmers to take goat rearing as a business so as to uplift their living standards.

Solidaridad is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) that aims at empowering rural livelihood through sustainable income generation activities such as provision of farming inputs, offering training work shop for smallholder farmers and livestock keeping among others.

Mr. Mwiinga said small scale farmers in the recent years have been heat by effects of climate change saying keeping goats can be an alternative source of income to sustain their families.

Mr Mwiinga says goats are easy to keep as they adapt easily to any climatic conditions, easy to feed and multiply quickly.

“Goats are not difficult to keep they can almost feed on anything, they are disease resistant, and also multiply quickly therefore advantaging a farmer,” said Mr. Mwinga.

Meanwhile, Mumbwa District Senior Livestock Extension Officer DANIEL MOTOKA has called upon women to take a leading role in goat rearing as they are home managers.

Mr. Motoka said wives are second from their husband so they need to participate in the well-being and development of their families.

He stated that women should not think that keeping livestock is for men only but they can also do it better.

“Women still think that keeping livestock is only for men like it used to happen in the past, but it’s no longer the case now because the world has evolved and they should change their mind,” He explained.

He said women should not depend on men when it comes to keeping livestock as they would remain stranded when he dies.

He has since urged men to encourage their wives and daughters to develop an attitude of keeping livestock in order to boost their livestock production.


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