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Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock in Kazungula district in Southern province has said the Department of Fisheries in the district is currently experiencing 70% adherence to the fish ban.

Kazungula District District Fisheries Officer Mdona Bongani says they have apprehended several culprits though the culprits haven’t been taken to court but have been warned and cautioned.

Mr Bongani says from the time the ban started, the ministry has confiscated 53 fishing nets from the river in all the fishing camps. Only eight fishing nets were found with owners while the rest were just mounted on the river.

She says the department has confiscated one mosquito net, eight paddles, five spears, 15 long lines, and five boxes with the owners most of whom are from Kasaya and Mambova, adding that three boats were found in Ngweze and two others from Kasaya.

Ms Bongani says the main challenge that the department is facing during this fish ban period is that a lot of people have refused to relocate the fishing camps even after being sensitized and this is the reason why 100% adherence to the ban has not been achieved.

She has further attributed poor adherence of the fish ban to the drought as most people have been unable to farm hence changing their lifestyles and centering it on fishing causing compliance levels to be low.

Ms Bongani has appealed to fish traders to begin paying for their licenses before the ban is lifted in order to enjoy doing their business peacefully.-NAIS.

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