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Food safety and toxicological examinations and monitoring

Description of service: The institute is involved in food safety monitoring regarding foods of animal origin. This is done to ensure safety of foodstuffs consumed.

Full description of service: The institute undertakes monitoring for veterinary drug residues and other residues like heavy metals in animals and animal products (milk, meat) in order to ensure safety of the products. The monitoring involves meat processing plants and abattoirs. The other monitoring programmes involve inspection of hatcheries to screen for salmonellosis, E. Coli and other bacteria of public health importance. Thereafter certification is done for compliance. The institute is also involved in certification of dairy animals involved in the production of milk by screening them for Tuberculosis and Brucellosis.

The institute is actively involved in performing dip wash or acaricide analysis and checking for the various toxins.

Category: Veterinary services

User of service: Members of the public and meat & milk processing plants.