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Policy, Planning & Information


The Policy, Planning and Information Department is one of the common user departments in the Ministry. The Department is a central agency whose role is to ensure that policies and objectives of the Ministry are maintained and coordinated in an effective manner on a continuous basis; as well as reviewing these policies and objectives and making necessary changes to reflect the current demands of the Fisheries and Livestock sector.

The main functions of the department include the following:

  • To provide appropriate policy analysis and advice necessary to enable the government to understand the outcome of various policy options and to select the most appropriate ones;
  • To coordinate and implement sectoral policies in order to ensure sustainability in Fisheries and Livestock Development;
  • To provide technical assistance to all the Departments in the Ministry to effectively plan, monitor and evaluate Fisheries and Livestock sector programmes.
  • To monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Ministry,s programmes and projects in collaboration with technical departments in order to ensure policy objectives are met;
  • To establish and maintain Fisheries and Livestock sector data bank which will support policy analysis, performance assessment, decision making and provide rapid response to questions raised by Government, donors, and industry about Fisheries and Livestock sector;
  • To coordinate the preparation of the Ministry’s annual budget and carry out budget performance analysis in collaboration with other departments;
  • To coordinate and oversee the implementation and review of the Ministry’s strategic plan; and
  • To mainstream cross-cutting issues such as gender, HIV/AIDS, poverty into Ministerial programmes.

The Department is headed by a Director and comprises two main sections as follows:

 Policy Analysis Branch

This section is responsible for;

  • Coordinating sector performance analysis through various Fisheries and Livestock tools and studies;
  • Coordinating policy formulation, analysis, and advice as well as preparing Cabinet memoranda; and coordinating parliamentary issues;
  • Maintaining a Livestock and Fisheries statistics database and provision of early warning information on food security;
  • Promote the usage of ICT services in collaboration with the SMART ZAMBIA institute to enhance service delivery to members of the public;
  • Preparation of Policy guidelines and Annual Economic Reports;
  • Mainstreaming gender and HIV/AIDS and other cross-cutting issues within ministerial programmes; and
  • Analysing the social-economic impact of the Ministry,s policy on Fisheries and Livestock development, which will include impact donor aid and gender issues

Programme Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation section

This section is responsible for performing the following functions;

  • Programme and project planning, monitoring and evaluation, budgeting, donor coordination and Monitoring NGOs and private sector activities in the Fisheries and Livestock sector.
  • Monitoring achievements and performance of the Fisheries and Livestock sector as outlined in the policy framework;
  • Preparing the Fisheries and Livestock section chapter of the Annual Economic review, quarterly, Semi-annual and annual progress reports;
  • Developing performance indicators which include regular reports on sectoral performance.
  • Monitoring and Evaluating of financial flows and utilization of funds in the Ministry. (Budget Performance Analysis);
  • Coordinating the preparations of the Ministry Strategic plan and carrying out annual reviews and;
  • Coordinating regional and technical cooperation agreements in the Fisheries and Livestock sector

For further information please contact:

The Director
Policy, Planning and Information Department
Mulungushi House
P.O Box 50060 LUSAKA
Telefax: +260 211 250532