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The National Livestock Epidemiology and Information Center  (NALEIC)


The National Livestock Epidemiology and Information(NALEIC)is a section of the Department of Veterinary Services(DVS). NALEIC is responsible for collecting and managing data and providing information to decision makers and other stakeholders. Further, the section is responsible for monitoring and controlling legal compliance and providing information to the Livestock industry in general.

The objectives of NALEIC are:

  • To collect data on animal health and production, disease and marketing events from the Livestock industry:
  • To analyze data on animal health and production, disease and marketing;
  • To provide information on animal health and production, disease and marketing to decision makers and other stakeholders in the livestock industry
  • To ensure that appropriate legal frameworks exist for efficient dispensation of activities in the livestock industry
  • To ensure adequate zoo-sanitary controls.

The following are the functional units under the NALEIC:

  • Livestock Epidemiology
  • Information Management and Dissemination
  • Control and Regulation
  • Administration


  • Livestock Epidemiology

Epidemiology involves data collection on disease events, production trends, and market intelligence, including factors influencing their occurrence.

The functions include:

  1. Active Disease Production and Market Data Collection and Management
  2. Passive (routine) Disease Production and Market Data Collection and Management
  3. Emergency Occurrence follow-up
  4. Data Storage, Retrieval, Analysis and Transmission
  • Information Management and Dissemination

The results of the data analysis are then disseminated to all stakeholders and other users in various forms which include publication of Departmental Reports, the National Livestock Atlas, the APH Bulletin, the Livestock Market Bulletin, Epidemiology Status Papers and Monthly National Disease Status Papers. In addition, NALEIC supplies data and information to the OIE, the OAU/IBAR, and SADC standard formats. NALEIC maintains a Livestock Documentation Centre, in which all literature on livestock and related subjects from different sources is kept for the purpose of providing officers and other stakeholders with literature and information they may need. Besides, the NALEIC provides answers to parliamentary and other queries related to Livestock disease status and statistics

  • Control and Regulation

NALEIC is further, responsible for the control and regulatory functions of the DVS, which include veterinary jurisprudence and zoo-sanitary issues. Jurisprudence involves the implementation of legal reforms, law enforcement and monitoring of compliance. As regards zoo-sanitary matters, NALEIC coordinates inspection of consignments and/or premises meant for export or import, sanitation of export consignments certification of imports and exports, monitoring of zoo-sanitary compliance and liaison on international trade issues with other relevant local and international organs.

  • Administration

This function involves the supervision of the Provincial Epidemiology and Information Contacts (PEICs) and the Laboratory Epidemiology and Information Contacts (LEICs) and the general management of all other aspects of the NALEIC, including training. It also includes collaboration with other organizations within the country such as government departments, statutory institutions, and non-governmental organizations, and with international organizations such as the World Animal Health (OIE), African Union-InterAfrican Bureau for Animal Resources (AU-IBAR), Southern African Development Community (SADC), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and World Health Organization (WHO). This is done through the exchange of information and meetings.


The NALEIC is headed by the Chief Epidemio-Surveillance and Information Officer who reports directly to the Deputy Director Research and maintains links with all the other sections in the Department through their respective heads. The national level of the NALEIC has a full complement of staff to deal with broad function outlined above, while the provincial level has the Provincial Epidemiology and Information Contacts (PEIC) and one or two other officers to assist each one of them. At the Central Veterinary Research Institute (CVRI) the Laboratory Epidemiology and Information Contact (LEIC) represents the NALEIC. The PEICs and the LEICs are directly responsible to the Head of the NALEIC. The PEIC coordinate NALEIC data collection and management activities and functions at provincial, district and camp levels. The LEIC has similar functions at the CVRI. The PEICs in Choma, Mongu, Lusaka, Chipata, and Ndola have an added responsibility of heading NALEIC Sub-units in Southern, Western, Central, Eastern and Northern Regions respectively. The Regional Sub-units of the NALEIC have the major responsibility of coordinating technical, administrative and logistical support for the PEICs in their respective regions. They have also delegated certain functions to the NALEIC headquarters when the need arises


” to attain and maintain the status of a one-stop source of data and information on livestock for decision-makers and other stakeholders, including farmers, researchers, academicians and cooperating partners.”

For further information, contact the NALEIC
P.O Box 50060, Lusaka
Tel:+260 211 229 470
Tel:+260 211 229 470