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Veterinary public health

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Veterinary Public Health in the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) of the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock (MFL) deals with control and monitoring of zoonotic diseases and safety of animal products with a view to safeguarding human health.


Its mandate is to control and monitor foodborne diseases and drug residues. Common problems include outbreaks of zoonotic diseases (Rabies, Brucellosis, Tuberculosis, Anthrax, Salmonelloses); meat-borne diseases; food poisoning; and, poor sanitation during food processing. Food and food products of animal origin have to be free of contaminants, toxins, pathogens, pesticides and antibiotic residues, harmful additives, harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus, worms, and adulterants.


The objective is to provide veterinary public health and food safety services that will ensure safe, wholesome and quality foods of animal origin.


Among constraints are inadequate capacity, legislation and knowledge, infrastructure facilities; and, low awareness by stakeholders.


Protection of food of animal origin; protection of public health; public health sub-sector development; environment protection & climate change; and, coordination and management are the programmes.

(Image showing layout plan for medium-scale cattle slaughterline)

Specific activities Include

  • Strengthening infrastructure and facilities for veterinary public health and food safety services.
  • Developing the necessary legal framework to safeguard the public from diseases transmissible through the food of animal origin.
  • Creating awareness for control of zoonotic diseases and veterinary drug abuse.
  • Promoting adoption and use of necessary bio-security measures in order to reduce the incidence and spread of such diseases.
  • Strengthening “ONE-HEALTH” concept through linkages with other stakeholders such as the Ministries responsible for human health; social welfare; and, local government.
  • Promoting community participation in control, prevention and monitoring of diseases and conditions transmissible through the food of animal origin.
  • Strengthening the inspectorate functions in public health and food safety systems.
  • Promoting the participation of the private sector, community groups and other stakeholders in public health and food safety systems.

For further information contact;
The Director
Department of Veterinary Services
Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
P.O. Box 50060
Lusaka 10101
Tel:+260 211 252608