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Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicine.

Objective: To evaluate Contagious Bovine for Pleuro-Pneumonia ben-1 vaccine as well as evaluate the use of anti-micromicals to treat CBPP.

Location: Country wide

Start Date: 2013

End Date: 2018

Funding Agency: United Kingdom/Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Project Beneficiaries: Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock, Livestock farmer households afflicted by CBPP

Agriculture Productivity and Market Enhancement Project(APMEP)

 Objective: The sector goal is to contribute to economic growth and food security. APMEP’s objectives are to contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction by enhancing food, income and nutrition security, among participating households.

Location: Serenje, Choongwe, Chitambo, Gwembe, Sinazongwe and Rufunsa

Start Date: 2014

End Date: 2018

Funding Agency: African Development Bank (ADB)

Project Beneficiaries: Small holder Farmers.

Livestock Development and Animal Health Project. (LDAHP)

 Objectives: To improve the productivity of key livestock production systems for both women and men targeted smallholder producers in identified areas.

Location: Country wide

Start Date: 2012

End Date:  2018

Funding Agency: World Bank (IDA)

Project Beneficiaries: Smallholder Livestock producers.

Livestock Infrastructure Support Project (LISP)

Objective: To improve smallholder livestock production, productivity, create market linkages and increase incomes of livestock farmers.

 Location: 9 Districts in Northern and Muchinga Provinces

Start Date: 2013

End Date:  2018

Funding Agency: African Development Bank

Project Beneficiaries: Smallholder livestock keeping households

Enhanced-Smallholder Livestock Investment Project (E – SLIP)

 Objective: Sustainably improve incomes of rural poor households in targeted provinces and districts. Improved production and productivity of key livestock systems of targeted female and male smallholder producers in all the provinces in Zambia

 Location: Country wide

Start Date: 2015

End Date:  2021


Project Beneficiaries: Smallholder livestock keeping farmers in Zambia

FMD Viral Disease Management Programme.

 Objective: To sample a statistically significant sample of cattle herds in a Zambian region in order to characterize the FMD profile in the specific region. To use CSIR developed method of total disease management and evaluate its possible implementation in Zambia context foe subsequent adoption pending current program success.

Location: Country wide, but biased toward Livestock farmers affected with FMD (Foot and Mouth Disease)

Start Date: 2015

End Date:  2019

Funding Agency: SIDA/ Bill and Melinda Gates.

Zambia Aquaculture Enterprise Development Project.

 Objective: To advance the aquaculture sub-sector as a viable and inclusive business opportunity, through enhanced production and productivity, in order to improve the livelihoods of beneficiaries along the aquaculture value chain.

Location: Countrywide in high potential zones.

Start Date: 2017

End Date:  2022

Funding Agency: African Development Bank

Project beneficiaries: Fish farmers and entrepreneurs of which 50% are women in high potential targeted regions/zones

Climate Resilient Livestock Management Project.

 Objective: To build climate resilient in the Livestock Infrastructure Support Project

 Location: 9 Districts in Northern and Muchinga Provinces

Start Date: 2017

End Date:  2020

Funding Agent: African Development Bank

Project Beneficiaries: Smallholder Livestock farmers.

Zambia Diary Transformation Programme

 Objective: To sustainably strengthen the Zambian diary value chain by increasing the quality and quantity of milk produced by smallholder farmers for commercial sale.

Location: Countrywide in high potential Zones

Start Date: 2017

End Date:  2022

Funding Agency: New Zealand


Project beneficiaries: Diary Cooperatives and Smallholder Farmers