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Department of Fisheries and Livestock Marketing

This is a newly created department with emphasis on changing the mind set of small holder farmers to fisheries and livestock as a business. The department will have presence from National Hqs to District level.


  • To promote the development of sustainable domestic and foreign markets for Fisheries and Livestock PRODUCTS in order to enhance market access and generation of income.


  • Fisheries and Livestock Market Information Provision
  • Demand driven Fishery and Livestock Market Research
  • Fishery and Livestock Market Infrastructure Development Facilitation
  • Fisheries and Livestock Cross-Border Trade Facilitation
  • Fishery and Livestock Finance linkages
  • Entrepreneurship Skills Development (Farmer Training)


  • Provision of Timely Fishery and Livestock Market Information to enhance stake-holders decision making
  • Facilitation of Entrepreneurship Skills in Fishery and Livestock through Training and Routine Consultations
  • Development of marketing structures and infrastructure (market centres, abattoirs, slaughter slabs, milk collection centres, landing-bays with cold-chains)
  • Access to financing for fishery and livestock inputs (feed, fingerlings, nets, boats, feed lots, heifers, breeding bulls, AI etc.)
  • To regulate fishery and livestock inputs and outputs, marketing and trade through legislation and Institutions (Import and Export Controls)


  • By Providing timely market information to all users via Print, Electronic and Other Media (AMIC)
  • By conducting Business Management Skills Training via training workshops and office consultations
  • By facilitating development of fishery and livestock marketing infrastructure facilities (feeder roads, market centres, abattoirs, slaughter slabs, milk collection points, butcheries)
  • Promoting export markets for demanded fishery and livestock products and by products (Import/Export permits)
  • Facilitating rural finance through programs like FISP (E-Vouchers) and linking farmers to Outgrowers and Financial lending institutions.


  1. Fishery and Livestock Market Information, Research and Dissemination


This involves;

  • Data collection, collation and analysis
  • Transmission and Dissemination through Community Radio Stations (CRSs) and other media
  • Management of Market information databases
  • Conducting of demand market research
  • Orientation of province and district staff in fishery and livestock market data collection and analysis tools
  • Supervising field staff
  1. Market Infrastructure and Trade

This involves;

  • Inventory and inspection of FISHERY AND LIVESTOCK marketing related structures and infrastructure
  • Conducting needs assessment for fishery and livestock marketing infrastructure
  • Facilitating resource mobilisation for fishery and livestock market infrastructure development
  • Management of database for all fishery and livestock marketing infrastructure within the province/district.
  1. Cross-border facilitation

Issuance of import/export permits,

  • Participate in Regional/international trade fora,
  • Conducting Border supervisions and inspections tours with sister departments. (Veterinary Department, Fisheries Department, ZRA etc)
  • Holding bi-annual stakeholders meetings to discuss issues affecting the sector in relation to marketing and trade
  • Review of various fishery and livestock related legislation impacting on marketing and trade
  • Management of fishery and livestock trade database
  1. Entrepreneurship

Value chain actors, business management skills enhancement through;

  • Facilitating training in entrepreneurship
  • Walk-in consultations in enterprise management
  1. Fishery and Livestock Finance and Credit
  • Inventory of available livestock and fishery financing and Institutions (Credit Banks, Financial institutions, NGOs, CBOS, Agencies – Projects)
  • Linking Fishers, fish and livestock farmers to such to financing institutions,
  • Creating an e-voucher of fisheries and livestock dedicated small-holder income-projects
  • Management of Database on lending and financing institutions
  1. Farmer, Fisher Input Support Programme
  • Initiate a replica of the Farmer Input Support Programme currently under the Ministry of Agriculture but with focus on;
  • Fish farming, Capture fishery, Small-holder Diary and livestock productivity



  • Agro-Dealers
  • Ranches and Butchers
  • Fish and Livestock Farmers (Both large and small scale)
  • Fishers
  • Research and Institutions of higher learning
  • Associations related to Fisheries and Livestock
  • Public Health Departments/Units
  • Fish and Livestock feed Processors (Millers) and other value adding processors
  • Large-scale livestock traders and processors (Zambeef etc.)
  • Rural Finance Institutions
  • Chain Retail outlets (Shoprite, Spar etc.)
  • Hotels and Lodges, Restaurants
  • Rural Roads Departments
  • Community Radio Stations
  • Transporters
  • International Agencies, Donors


For further information Contact;

The Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock

P.O Box 50060